The Color Change Technology – SEA'SONS

Hey you!

Okay, this can be a bit complicated, but we’ll try to explain it as clearly as we can.

Basically, our swim shorts have been treated with heat sensitive microcapsules that allow them to change color whenever the temperature changes.

Just like this:

sea'sons temperature sensitive swimwear

seasons' swimwear official color changing bathging suits

sea'sons swimear official color changing swimtrunks

Color changing bathing suits sea'sons

Heat-sensitive color changing swimshorts

When someone is wearing the swimming trunks, they’re  warm due to body temperature and the warmth of the sun.

A temperature change happens when we throw cold water on the fabric. That's how they change color!

But the really cool thing is that they also work the other way around! Just like this:



 Cool, right?!

Now, just pick a color, wait for the shorts to arrive and then...

Get out there, have fun, and make a splash!