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Press + All pictures, do not use them.
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From bright yellow to deep orange, from purple to pink. From yellow to green. The swim trunks change color in less than a second. The swim trunks change color when they are brought into contact with water, this is not because of the liquid, but because of the temperature of the water. The swim shorts go through a temperature change because there is a difference in the temperature of the water and the temperature of the surface. This shift causes them to change color. When the swimwear dries (gets warm), the original color will show. The number of color changes is not limited. Our gear is made of 100% polyester, which means that all our products are of high quality and dry quickly.
The technique of "color change" is not new, but the application is. The application to synthetic fabrics is not often done because it is relatively difficult to 'color' a synthetic fabric. Natural fibers absorb more moisture making them easier to color. The application to swimwear is completely new, this has never been done before.
"We are the first swimwear brand to experiment with the dated look of the swimsuit."
Says Mr. Hubbard.
"In the last 30 years nothing has changed, except the length of the swimwear. Today there are many new techniques to improve the comfort and design of the swimwear. We use these techniques to make the most unique and best-fitting swimming trunks in the world."
Says Tom van Dieren, founder of Sea'sons.
All products, fabrics, textiles etc. are made in Europe. In addition, Sea'sons sells its products worldwide and has sold over 20,000 swim shorts in 2020. Sea'sons is really the forerunner of others and develops its own products, which is also evident in the result.
In addition to color changing swimwear, Sea'sons now sells color changing face masks. The face masks are developed in such a way that the color change takes place quickly. A color change occurs every 5 seconds because you breathe in cold air and breathe out warm air.
The masks are available in 5 different colors. The outside of the mask is made of 100% polyester and the inside is made of 100% poplin. Poplin is a soft fabric that makes it easy to breathe through.
Even if you can't see the smile behind the mask, the twinkle in the eyes says it all!
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