It all started with an idea

There was a need, a need for something different in the swimwear industry, and so the SEA'SONS adventure began. 

It took us quite a long time to develop these one-of-a-kind swimshorts. Once they finally had been created we wanted to make sure everyone could wear it. This brought us to Kickstarter!

By the date of February 20th, 2018, our crowdfunding campaign went live on Kickstarter. We had to raise €15K to produce the first batch of color changing swimshorts. Within only the first 13 hours of our campaign, we were already 100% funded.

5 months later, when all the swimshorts had been shipped, something strange happened. We immediately received tons of photos and videos from people wearing our swimshorts and what we saw was wonderful. We saw a smile, on everyone's face. A feeling of happiness and wonder was been created because of our creation.  

Of course, we can put that feeling in much more than a swimshorts. That’s why we’ve decided to expand the brand. We want to give everyone the possibility to experience that SEA’SONS feeling, not only in summer but throughout the whole year.

“As SEA’SONS we are innovative in the field of smart materials, technology and creative design. By combining technology with fashion we provide our customers a feeling of great surprise and wonder because we have experienced that this
feeling can make a product even more valuable.”