SEA'SONS | Behind the scenes | Swimshorts production

Color changing swimshorts

Color changing swimshorts won't make itself! We put a lot of hard work and effort in the development of our products and this pays off! The feeling we can create by combining technology with fashion is truly amazing! Together with our partners all located in Europe are we able to create and develop these outstanding products.

We also want to show you how and where your products have been made, that's what transparency is.  We stand for quality that's why we produce all our products in Europe to make sure the quality of our products and the circumstances of our workers is great.

Production sea'sons swimwear



The production process of our swimshorts differs from normal productions. Before we can even start to make these swimshorts we have to make our own fabrics. It is something that isn't buyable on the market. If you're wondering what it looks like, have a look at the video below! 

(We're not able to show you part 2 of the production process since this step is high secret)

This is where we actually create the swimshorts. This is the place where all the raw materials, such as drawsrings, brandlogos, carelabels, the fabrics and all the other haberdasheries come together! Together with all of the lovely workers, we create the most outstanding swimshorts the world has ever seen! Without their help, you would be wearing these masterpieces. ;)
If you've any more questions about the production process, feel free to reach out for us. We love to involve you in the process. Color changing swimwear by seasons'