SEA’SONS guarantees that the delivered products are virtuous products and satisfy the specifications stated in the offer. Disclaimer: No guarantee can be given dual to the reduction of the 'color change effect'. A reduction in this 'color change effect' is in the nature of the working material. A reduction may occur when the product (the swimshorts and T-shirts) are being exposed to UV light. There can come a point when our products don't change color anymore.

  1. The above-mentioned guarantee applies for a period of 30 days after delivery.
  2. The delivery note serves as a guarantee certificate.
  3. In case of a defect SEA’SONS will exchange or repair the product free of charge.
  4. If an item is no longer in stock, we reimburse you the purchase price.
  5. No guarantee can be claimed as a result of normal wear and tear, damage, intent and / or negligence. A reduction in 'color change effect' belongs to normal wear and tear damage.


Liability of SEA’SONS due to improper delivery is in all cases limited to the replacement or repair of the article or to the reimbursement of at most the purchase price.

  1. SEA’SONS explicitly does not accept any claim regarding consequential damage in any form whatsoever.
  2. SEA’SONS is not liable for damage as a result of intention, guilt, negligence or improper use by third parties.
  3. SEA’SONS accepts no liability for damage resulting from washing, drying, ironing, steaming or other forms of treatments to the delivered product.
  4. We recommend cleaning articles with a print, rhinestone, beads and / or print by means of steaming.
  5. SEA’SONS is not responsible for the loosening of buttons, stones, sequins or other applied components.


SEA’SONS takes your complaint seriously. Are you not satisfied with a product supplied by us or our services? Please contact our customer service via

  1. If you want to speak to us by telephone you can always call us. We will deal with your complaint immediately and will contact you as soon as possible.
  2. We can be reached by phone on weekdays between 9 am and 5 pm.