SEA'SONS | Durability of the color change

 How does it work?

The swim shorts respond to temperature changes. Therefore they need warmth and cold to change color. When the swimshort is being worn, it is (generally) warm due to body heat and the warmth of the sun. In order to change color, the swim shorts will have to cool down. Water is generally cold so water takes care of it.

There are places in the world where the swim shorts don't change color. The water is simply too warm to cool the swimshort down. Which sometimes reach temperatures of up to 35°C! (95 Fahrenheit)

How often do the swim shorts change color?

The color change isn't limited but there are factors that cause the color change to deteriorate.

Due to exposure to UV light (the sun), the color change effect will deteriorate over time. There may be a point where the swim shorts no longer changes color.

We can not say when this effect ends, it depends on the use and the degree of exposure to UV light. We expect that the effect will last a full season, based on average usage. 

We can assure you that your swim shorts are still extremely comfortable when they do not change their color anymore. The swim shorts will then have one solid color.

*When the swim shorts are only being worn in indoor swimming pools (without exposure to UV light) they color changing ability will last much longer.

*Do not line dry the swimshorts in direct sunlight (UV-Light). This really decrades the color changing ability.