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Sea'sons color changing mouth caps

Our color changing mouth caps are available in 5 different colors and have a perfect fit. The outside of SEA'SONS color changing mouth caps are made out of 100% polyester and the inside of 100% poplin. Poplin is really soft and this allows you to breath easily through the caps. The color changing mouth caps are very comfortable due to the elastic strap.
The color changing mouthcap is developed to make sure the color change occurs very fast. Every 5 seconds there is a colorchange just because you inhale cold air and exhale warmth (whenever you’re outside).
  • Most important: having fun
  • Always focus on the positive
  • The sun is always shining somewhere
  • Leaving smiles everywhere we go with your heat sensitive face mask.
Heat sensitive and color changing face masks

Color changing mouth caps - Right in the middle of taking care and having fun

Taking care of yourself and your loved ones can also be fun, at least, that’s what we believe in! At SEA’SONS we’re offering you a feeling of happiness and wonder through the product we create, such as our colorchanging mouthcaps.

We are able to implement this feeling in much more than just swim shorts... right now color changing mouth caps as well. We keep developing new and exciting products. Et voilá: OUR COLOR CHANGING MOUTH CAPS! Our mouth caps change color whenever you are breathing in- or out. Even if you can’t see the smile behind the color changing mouth cap, the twinkle in the eyes says it all! 

How do our mouth caps change color?

This color changing mouth cap has the ability to change color whenever you’re breathing in or out. *This is not because of a good or bad breath, but because of the temperature changes haha ;)

Heat sensitive face masks

Color changing mouth caps 

Focus on the positive side. Our positive and creative attitude has led to a unique position in our industry. That is also why we developed a color changing mouth cap! We focus on innovation and the possibilities rather than what can’t be done or has never been tried before. We’ll always look for ways to express ourselves creatively, such as through the color changing mouth caps.

This color-changing mouth cap is changing color very quickly. Our color changing mouth caps are available in 5 different colors. Heat-sensitive for warm and cold weather. Check out our assortment.

How we did develop the color changing mouth caps

Development of the color changing mouth caps took us quite a while but the waiting is finally over! We proudly present to you:


Our color changing mouth caps have been developed in such a way that a color change occurs every 5 seconds! This is because you inhale cold air and exhale warmth. The mouth caps are a true eye catcher, they are so unique!

Even if you can't see the smile behind the mouth cap, the twinkle in the eyes says it all!✨