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The world’s first color changing swim trunks

Sea’sons swimwear colors change when the temperature of the fabric changes. This means that these color changing swim trunks need heat or coldness to show what they can do. They don’t change because of moisture on the fabric of the trunks. They change because of your body heat, the outside temperature, water and even snow!

You can get your own color changing swim trunks at Sea’sons now for only €59,99.

Blue - Green | Color changing swim shorts


Kids | Blue - Green | Swim shorts


Orange - Yellow | Color changing swim shorts


Kids | Orange - Yellow | Swim shorts


Multi-color changing swim trunks

After a successful kickstarter project, we launched our first complete webshop in order for everyone to easily collect their own color changing swimming trunks. The original trunks are available in multiple colors so there are trunks for everyone’s liking. Made from outstanding quality 100% polyester, which makes them dry extremely fast so that is shows the first color. These trunks will survive the wear and tear of everyday use or from your next adventure. Machine washable, lightweight, sturdy and long-lasting, giving you the most value for your money. The original swim trunks also fit very fashionably.

The swimming trunks are now available on following colors:

  • Cherry-blue: jump in the water to see your shorts change from bright blue to cherry coloured shorts!
  • Purple-pink: turn your pink swimshorts into a purple colored pair!
  • Orange-yellow: have your bright yellow swimshorts turn orange when they get wet!
  • Blue-green: mint-green swim trunks turning blue? We got you!
  • Ocean-blue: turn your blue swimshorts into cherry-colored swimshorts!

Let’s go for a swim! Pack your bags, grab your stuff and don’t forget your colour changing swimshorts. Where will you take them? The beach? The pool? Or even on a holiday abroad? No doubt you’ll be in the centre of attention thanks to these cool (or hot of course!) swimshorts, get yours now for only €59,99!


Color Changing Swim Trunks From Sea’sons

Sea’sons is the best place to get your own color changing swim trunks for a great price. Do you want to stand out at the beach or at the pool? Get your own Sea’sons trunks and make everyone jealous! We also have a new kid collection ready for you.

If you’re on the hunt for swimwear stores where you can find the perfect swim trunks for you, try browsing the swim trunks online at Sea’sons. You’ll find different color styles for every body type, so you can find one that makes you feel cool and confident.

Do you want to get your own beautiful color changing swim trunks? Check out our full collection on