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The world’s first color changing swim shorts

Do you think swim shorts always look the same? And are you looking for swimming shorts with a little bit extra? Check out the new color changing swim shorts from Sea’sons! Unlike other basic swim wear, our shorts are a combination of high quality fabric with technology that makes the color of the shorts change. Due to technology we made the shorts change color when heated and change back when they’re cooled down. With a variety of colors you too can get one that matches your style.

You can get your own color changing swim trunks at Sea’sons now for only €59,99.

Did you decide on a color yet? Get a pair of color changing swim shorts for yourself, for a friend or for a family member. The shorts are available in a bunch of different colors and sizes:

  • Orange-yellow: have your bright yellow swimshorts turn orange when they get wet!
  • Blue-green: mint-green swim trunks turning blue? We got you!
  • Purple-pink: turn your pink swimshorts into a purple colored pair!
  • Cherry-blue: jump in the water to see your shorts change from bright blue to cherry coloured shorts!
  • Ocean-blue: turn your blue swimshorts into cherry-colored swim shorts!

Orange - Yellow | Color changing swim shorts


Kids | Orange - Yellow | Swim shorts


Blue - Green | Color changing swim shorts


Kids | Blue - Green | Swim shorts


Multi-color changing swim shorts

Our swimming shorts are designed to provide both comfort and style.

Get wet and turn your unique shorts into an amazing pink or blue or green or even orange as soon as you dive into the water. Sea’sons swimwear changes color as soon as it comes into contact with coldness or heat. Sea’sons official color changing swim shorts don’t change color because of the moisture, it’s because of the temperature of the water you’re in. As the swim trunks start to dry out and warm up again, the first color will be revealed. Do you need any more convincing?

Here are some of the key takeaways from this amazing product:

  • 100% Polyester / Fast drying.
  • Guaranteed Fun, Excitement and Laughter!
  • 100% Color Changing.
  • Outstanding quality and fashionable fit.

In short(s), they’re really amazing!


Beachwear from Sea’sons

Are you looking for a new look for your vacation? Take a look in our store for the swimming shorts that will match your beach look/vibe. The Sea’sons swimwear is now also available for children, big or small!

Not only does Sea’sons have amazing swim shorts, we now have shirts to complete your beach outfit. Explore our available items now in our online store