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Progress Of Production

We have received many e-mails during the last few days with questions about the expected delivery date. Right now, it’s too early to give an exact delivery date. We expect to ship the shorts in the beginning of July. (before summer holiday)

In week 23 (June 4->June 10) the fabrics are going to be treated for the last time. After that, the fabrics will be sent back to Portugal for the confection. We will visit the manufacturer in Portugal so that I can approve the final product (to speed up the approval).  

When our manufacturer in Portugal receives our final fabric they can start the confection. The confection takes around 2/3 weeks. After the confection, the swim shorts will be sent back to the Netherland where we prepare them for shipment. We partnered up with Parcel, they will take care of a safe and secure shipment of all of your shorts. 

If you have any questions, tips or comments, please feel free to ask! We're not the only one that makes this product come to life, we do it all together!