Use your swimshorts in its fullest potential!Sea'sons

The swimshorts you are going to wear next summer are not ‘just another pair’. Our swimshorts are one of a kind!

To ensure that you can deal with all the attention, we give you some tips to show off your swimshorts in its fullest potential

The swimshorts work on temperature changes. To get the best and fastest color changing effect, you need a large temperature difference. The sea and indoor pools work, but the effect isn't that quick.

Tip 1: If you step into a sauna with your wet/cold swimming trunks, they will completely change color within a few seconds! The heat of the sauna immediately ensures that your swimming trunks become warm /dry.

Tip 2: Ice pools and jacuzzis can be found in many pools. The temperature difference between these two is so great that the swimming trunks change color within a second.

Tip 3: Try to ensure the color or your swimshorts is solid (this can be both hot and cold). When drops are springled on (hot drops on a cold swimshorts and cold drops on warm swimshorts), the swimshorts suddenly gets a completely different look. Do this especially in front of people who have no idea of what your swimshorts are capable of, their reaction will be great!

For now, just have a little bit of patience, we are busy with the production. In any case, we can no longer wait until we can hand over these awesome swimshorts!


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