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Last week we've received a lot of messages asking about the expected delivery date. We're very sorry to say it, but we have a delay.

It's the first time we ever did a production run so there were a lot more unforeseen obstacles than we have taken into account. Everything so far has gone even better than we thought, for example, the production of our actual fabric.... But it al takes a longer.

Last week our confection in Portugal receive our fabric and we expected them to directly start the production but they couldn’t. They’ve made a schedule but because they received our fabrics a bit later they couldn’t start the production. 

Here is the email we received from them:

"Hello Tom / Bart,

I know that Tom needs to book the flight, however we need time to make the shorts (adult and kids). Our production is full till holidays and we expected the fabric sooner but this did not happen and now we have to make new production plan as you can imagine and this is not easy at this time of the year. We are doing our best and we are speeding the process. Kindly wait for more details, will give you asap. Hope you understand.

Best regards."

We're very sorry that we are not able to keep our promise. Our promise to deliver the swimwear before summer holidays. We still hope that you believe in us and in our product.

If you've any questions, feel free to ask.


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