Did the logo change?Sea'sons

 Yes, our logo changed, as well as our corporate identity and the website!

We want to expand, we want to bring much more innovative products to the market. And with the subtitle ‘swimwear’ attached to the brand, we were quite limited.

Our products have something unique. That special and unique feature gives our customers a special feeling. A feeling of great surprise and wonder. Of course, we can put that feeling into much more than just swimwear. That’s why we’ve slightly changed the brand.

Now it’s much more a lifestyle. We want to give everyone the opportunity to experience that feeling, not only in summer but throughout the year. It's the same brand, but everything is much more clear, much more professional and a bit more slick. 


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Who are we?

“As SEA’SONS we are innovative in the field of smart materials, technology and creative design. By combining technology with fashion we provide our customers a feeling of great surprise and wonder. We’ve experienced that this feeling can make a product even more valuable.”