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All new colors are now available

by Tom van Dieren on January 07, 2019

The demand for our new colors was enormous, that's why we have decided to do something special. We decided to allow you to get the shorts of your interest with a discount. Here's why:

Selling pre-orders allows us to exactly measure which products (or colors) are the most populair. This allows us to produce much more efficient and we prevent stock from remaining. For us, that has a huge advantage and we love to share that advantage with you! Pre-orders therefore have a discount compared to when the products are in stock. So, we help each other out!

Because the products have to be made, it takes longer before they will be received. To ensure that you can keep the nerves in check, we will regularly keep you informed about the production. We will show you how and where your swimshort is being made!

So, get yours here!

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