Coming up – SEA'SONS


Coming up

Right now we're working on the development of new product, new color, and new technologies.
But….. First things first!
First, we are going to make sure we can produce more colors. We're working on the optimization of our production process and we're also trying to decrease the MOQ (minimum order quantity)
Right now we have Orange-Yellow in production but Blue-Green, Purple-Pink, and Green-Yellow are coming up!
Secondly, we're looking into new technologies. We're looking into new ways to make awesome and outstanding swimshorts. Swim shorts with new abilities, and swim shorts with more than just 2 colors.
Thirdly, we want to enlarge our collection, especially with T-Shirts. Not ‘normal’ T-shirts but also with awesome abilities!
Lastly, we want to focus on awesome Collaborations. Collaborations with other brands and collaborations….. WITH YOU! Without you we can’t exist so we want to expend our brand together with you!